Orthodontics, Crooked Teeth Treatment

                                              Straightening Teeth

There is no age limits for orthodontic treatments. Beautiful, straight teeth are possible for everyone. Misalignments can be perfectly corrected also in adulthood. An increasing number of adults trust in orthodontic treatments because of aesthetical and preventive reasons.

                                                  Fixed Braces

DAMON-Braces (conventional approach)

The so-called brackets are cemented onto the teeth and firmly connected by a wire. Tooth movement is achieved by guiding the teeth with a light force along the wire into the ideal tooth position. The so-called DAMON technique is a newly tested orthodontic concept: due to an almost absence of friction it applies less force than any other conventional appliances. This system allows a biologically optimally tolerated tooth movement, offering high patient comfort. On top of it, the treatment time is drastically reduced.


The so-called Incognito Lingual System is invisible to the outer world, since all the brackets are cemented on the inner sides of the teeth. Based on a digital tooth model all brackets and arches are customised for each patient and cast in gold. Particularly the flat design of the brace ensures comfortable wear.


Invisalign: removable and invisible

No other orthodontic treatment is as comfortable and discreet as Invisalign. At the beginning of the treatment photos, X-ray images and dental imprints are made, which will be converted into 3D images. Your dentist will show you afterwards a 3-D computer simulation of the estimated treatment results.

The customised alignment splints are fitted step by step every two weeks in order to bring your teeth successively into the desired position.

The alignment splint has almost no impact on your pronunciation. The duration of treatment takes approximately 12 to 18 months. During this time Invisalign has a positive effect on your positive appearance − but hardly any effect on your daily life.



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