Dental Implants

Dental Implants

What are implants?

Generally, a dental implant is a surgically inserted screw type medical device to replace a missing tooth root. After healing period a tooth replacement is retained to the artificial post, which is usually made of titanium. Implant dentistry can be used to replace a single tooth, complete a shortened row of teeth, fill large gaps in the residual dentition or even retain full implant supported dentures.

Duration of treatment

The duration varies depending on the extent of the treatment. The Treatment is usually completed within three to nine months.

Stable teeth in one day (“All-on-4”)

With the “All-on-four” method we are in a position to provide our edentulous patients with special implants that can support new fixed teeth immediately. In many cases expensive bone regenerations can be avoided with this method. State-of-the-art three-dimensional imaging and computer-assisted treatment plans help us to anchor the dentures in the best possible position.

Achieve the required conditions for treatment with dental implants

Ideally, for a successful implant treatment the patient should be of good general health. Remaining bone should have a sufficient capacity to retain dental implants. Yet also in other cases solutions can be found. For instance compromised bone conditions can be pre-treated be local bone augmentations and grafting procedures. In the upper dentition sinus floor augmentations (also termed sinus lifts) are often indicated to gain more bone height at molar sites. To allow for vertical bone augmentation either collected bone of the patient, or bonelike substitute biomaterial can be used.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is necessary if the insertion of a required dental implant is not possible because of the jaw bone condition (for instance degeneration of the bone caused by serious inflammation, trauma based injury or generally weak disposition). Autogenous bone material, xenografts or allografts offer compatible substitute materials to rehabilitate the jaw bone. Apart from implant dentistry bone grafting procedures can be also performed to regenerate the arch form, enhance retention of removable dentures or improve aesthetics of the interior gum appearance.

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