Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth appear normally in the age between 17 and 24. In many cases the appearance of the wisdom teeth causes dental complications. Mainly due to the lack of space a proper alignment of wisdom teeth to the natural dentition is difficult. This can lead to dental crowding, misalignments, painful local inflammations or dental cysts. In most of these cases an early removal of the wisdom teeth is highly recommend.

Depending on the dental situation different surgical methods need to be applied: Fully erupted wisdom teeth are easier to remove by regular extraction methods. In cases where the wisdom teeth are still partially retained in the bone More intensive surgically methods are required.

Through progressive root growth and increasing density of the jaw bone, the removal becomes more difficult with an increasing age. For this reason the surgical removal should take place in adolescence. Therefore, misalignments or damages to persistent can be avoided due to early intervention. In general the bone and mucosal tissues heal quickly and uneventful.

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